Obligatory ‘what is magic?’ section:

It depends on who you ask really. Physicists and mind elementals would probably rant on about how certain areas of the human brain have adapted to alter quantum wave forms and probability. Theologians some spirit elementals may tell you that they are miracles or the work of demonic forces, Though some spirit elementals may just ask you why you can’t see the talking cat too. To some it’s the ultimate expression of creativity, painting on the fabric of reality with the pallet of the imagination. For some it takes on an aspect of balance and perfection, a sense of becoming one with the universe, moving clouds and wind as one might normally wave a hand.

Though all of these are true, let’s look for some facts. Those people who study magic in its contemporary form as an empirical field rather than so much hokum generally agree on a nomenclature of elements in a loosely bound hierarchy. To define a magician, or thaumaturge as they’re sometimes called, you must learn where they draw their energies from, and what forms they take.

The source of their power is called the meta-element. There are 4 basic families of meta-element, presented here in order of frequency of occurrence.

  • life Magical power stems from life forms in immediate environs. Heavily associated with empathy
  • mind Magical power through complex thought, equations, or insight into the nature of reality
  • spirit Magical power through spiritual connection. Almost a ‘Wildcard’ or ‘other’ category, so varied are their sources.
  • body Magical power comes from the magician’s own physical body. These individuals are exceptionally rare.

The manner in which this meta-elemental magical energy expresses itself seems to be tied to one of either 4 physical or 4 energy elements. These terms are detested by some scientists, But much to their chagrin, the nomenclature seems to function with little problem.
The 4 Physical elements, named so for their apparently obvious effects on the physical world and relative proliferation over the rarer energy elements, are as follows in no particular order.

  • earth Control or creation of metals, crystals, minerals.
  • air Control or creation of wind, sound, electricity.
  • fire Control or creation of plasma and heat
  • water Control or creation of liquids and cold

The 4 Energy elements are very rarely encountered and most meta-physicists agree that further study is necessary before the structure of the nomenclature can be called empirical. again, in no particular order;

  • light associated with electromagnetism and radiation.
  • dark associated with dark matter and energy
  • star associated with the strong and weak nuclear forces
  • gravity associated with the force of the same name

All twelve of these elements are broken down into smaller categories called sub-elements which cover just about all magic phenomena. there are a few outlying variables however, though these are mostly covered by someone somehow having more than one physical or energy element. to date, no one has ever been witnessed to have more than one meta-element. dual-elementals exist, even the rare tri-elemental. most exotically there exist a precious few balance elementals, having two opposing elements in equal strength and propensity.

Also of note, there have been at least three cases where a magician may posses a meta element and no outlet energy or physical element. this condition appears to fatal if not treated. though if an outlet is found, mana-elemental has been proposed as a name for such a unique individual.


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